Helping First Responders deal with stress and crisis situations

what we offer

  • Personalized mentoring from an IAFF/ACE certified Peer Fitness Trainer.
  • Fitness programs customized to meet both individual firefighter's fitness goals and NFPA 1583.
  • General conditioning, weight control & the improvement of overall health and fitness.
  • Weight & cardiovascular training instruction.
  • Accountability & motivation in fitness routines

News & Announcements

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Why Choose Us

A Fire Fitness program is a "Resistance Program" designed to improved your total body strength and muscular endurance. It is not a "bodybuilding" or "power lifting" program. Although, muscle strength and growth will occur. These programs are designed to prepare all emergency service workers, weather it be Firefighters, EMS, or Law Enforcement, they will specifically apply for the tasks of your job by using lift, carry, push, pull movements that are used on the emergency seen and can be duplicated in exercise.

Your fitness program will be designed for you, to be preformed three days per week. There will be days of rest in between to allow for muscle recovery and growth.
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about us

My goal is to reach all emergency service personnel to provide the tools needed to address this serious health hazard through exercise.

 Together, we can be prepared to handle whatever emergency situation arises tomorrow.  "While we can not change the past, we can use it to motivate us to pave the way for a brighter future."

Yours in health,
Todd Platner